the Condamine/Voltaire

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A pastiche of portraits of Condamine and Voltaire for the article . I also added the frame, lighting, and wallpaper to improve the effect. Tools used: Photoshop

Morrison at Sea

A play on the famous Japanese painting The Great Wave off Kanagawa for the article . Tools used: Artrage on iPad, Photoshop

We Three Kings of Kings

Simulated stained glass image I created for . Tools used: Photoshop

Prescription Potato

A cover image I created for the article . Tools used: Photoshop, Artrage for iPad

Surface Tension

A pastiche I created for the cover of the article . Tools used: Photoshop


My rendering of an x-ray of the mysterious device from the article . Tools used: Photoshop

Switch Face

My painstaking rendering of the switch face on mysterious device from the article , used as the cover image for that article. Tools used: Photoshop

Night Launch

My impression of the nighttime launch of a home-made hot-air balloon used to escape East Germany. It is included as an image for . Tools used: Photoshop

Japanese Underground

The cover image for , made to resemble ancient Japanese art. Tools used: Artrage for iPad, Photoshop

Beale’s National Treasure

The cover art for the article . It is designed to resemble the poster for the movie National Treasure, and it contains a number of secret messages. Tools used: Photoshop