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Feelers Online

Feelers Online is an experimental project that is still in semi-stealthy mode. It is designed to connect infrequent creators (such as novelists, bands, etc) with their fans. I designed and developed everything myself, though it should still be considered a work-in-progress.

Damn Interesting is a site I founded in 2005 which features articles and podcasts on science, history, and psychology. I designed/developed the site, built the audience, and I write most of the material. Some additional articles are penned by our multinational gaggle of authors.

  • Site UI (not counting photos) is 100% vector-based for fast performance and sharp display on all devices.
  • Designed to scale to large influxes of traffic (6,000+ concurrent visitors).
  • Millions of readers and listeners annually.
  • See also embedded interactive tools such as the Mars Cycler Simulator.

The Zero-Armed Bandit Game

A simple browser-based game to commemorate the 40th anniversary of the events described in The Zero-Armed Bandit, my most popular writing (so far).

Voyager Golden Record Experience

This simulator replicates the imagery and sounds included on the golden phonograph records affixed to the sides of Voyagers 1 and 2, launched in 1977. It was tricky to create convincing spinning record effect, but I think I got there.

3D Wedding Invitation

When I was recently scheduled to be married, I created this website to provide details for invitees. If you happen to be in possession of red/blue 3D glasses, you will enjoy the full three-dimensional experience. The 3D effect turned out surprisingly nifty. Our mailed paper invitations were also 3D, and included a pair of red/blue 3D glasses.

Note that as you scroll down you enter the animated atmosphere of Mars. Also, the stars at the beginning have a slight parallax effect. I still have some spare 3D glasses, so I can snailmail you a pair upon request.

Alan Bellows Résumé Site

This very site was designed and developed by me. It is powered by a WordPress back end for easy updating.

Seay & Traphagan

I designed/themed this WordPress site for Seay & Traphagan, a Texas-based tax law firm. I also designed the logo. It was very taxing. To quote the renowned philosopher Gordon Shumway, “I kill me.” It’s an ALF reference, ask your parents. Why do you remain on my lawn?

agency work

These are sites that I developed on behalf of employers.

SelectHealth Minigame

I programmed this little game for SelectHealth back in 2019. The placement of the trees, bushes, coins, hearts, and hazards are all randomized. Note the parallax background as the character runs.


I developed this site for Stotion while I was an employee there.

Big-D 50 Year Timeline

I did a lot of work on the Big-D main site (including the mouseover construction animations inside the Experience menu). One big piece I developed myself was this 50 year timeline interactive.

Torah Bright

I developed this site for professional and Olympic snowboarder Torah Bright while working at Stotion.


This is the site for a digital billboard company, I developed it under contract for a design agency.