the Dead Reckoning

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Dead Reckoning

Cover art for the article .

Pugilism on the Plains

Cover art for the article .

A Point

An example of work with physical media; Prismacolor pencil on black paper.

Tesla’s Tower

A fantastical vision of .


The oldest digital illustration I could find in my archive, ca. 1993. Back then, popular drawing apps used 320×200 at 256 colors (like this image), or one could draw at 640×480 if willing to limit oneself to 16 colors. Tools used: Deluxe Paint 2


Uptown Motel

A photograph I took of a sign and then heavily modified to appear more dramatic and dilapidated.

Scientist Propaganda

A series of I designed to commemorate famous scientists. Tools used: Photoshop

Armstrong Exposed

Cover image created for my article . It is a combination of a NASA photo of an astronaut on the moon with Neil Armstrong’s head. Tools used: Photoshop

The March of Progress

The cover image for the article meant to evoke the idea of evolving creatures crawling out of the sea. Tools used: Photoshop