the Beale's National Treasure

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Beale’s National Treasure

The cover art for the article . It is designed to resemble the poster for the movie National Treasure, and it contains a number of secret messages. Tools used: Photoshop

Playing Chicken

A portrait of young Harland “Colonel” Sanders for the article . On the live article, this image simulates a “dolly” zoom, which is much niftier than the static image. The service station in the background is Sanders’ actual service station, and the old man in the background is a photo of Colonel Sanders from later […]

U.S. Grant

My pastiche portrait of U.S. president Ulysses S. Grant for the article .


This image is a “cinemagraph”–a kind of seamless looped animation–on the live version of the article No Country For Ye Olde Men. It is much more interesting while in motion. Tools used: Photoshop


Cover image for the article The Curse of Konzo. The objects are bundles of roots from the cassava plant seen from the bottom, which I processed to resemble microscopic organisms under a microscope. Tools used: Photoshop

Sir James Dewar at the Foot of Mt. Hydrogen

Cover art for my article Absolute Zero is 0K; the one used in the article is a “diorama” style with animated background clouds. Tools used: Photoshop

Isabel Godin Crossing the Amazon

Cover art for the article Welcome to the Jungle. The woman’s face is based on a contemporary painting of the article’s subject, the background is a photograph processed to resemble a painting. Jungle creatures and many other details added by hand. Tools used: Photoshop, Artrage on iPad