Voyager Golden Record Experience [Visit Site]

This simulator replicates the imagery and sounds included on the golden phonograph records affixed to the sides of Voyagers 1 and 2, launched in 1977. It was tricky to create convincing spinning record effect, but I think I got there. [Visit Site]

DamnInteresting is an online magazine I founded which features essays on myriad non-fiction topics. I designed/developed the site, built the audience, and I write most of the material. Some additional articles are penned by our multinational gaggle of authors.

Seay & Traphagan [Visit Site]

I designed/themed this WordPress site for Seay & Traphagan, a Texas-based tax law firm. I also designed the logo. It was very taxing. To quote the brilliant philosopher Gordon Shumway, “I kill me.”

The Watts [Visit Site]

The Watts is was a four-member Salt Lake City garage-rock band. My girlfriend fiancée wife played percussion. I designed and developed this site for them, including the logo, in about 3 days in early 2012. Note the custom-scripted static-television transition when you view the home page. Spiffy, eh?

Alan Bellows Résumé Site [Visit Site]

I designed the handsome site you are currently viewing, from scratch, over 3 days.

  • Compatible with all modern browsers.
  • Dynamic elements to support narrow viewports (down to 480 pixels wide).
  • CSS Sprites for best performance.
  • Built on WordPress for easy updating.

BounceBase [Visit Site]

BouceBase, designed and developed for a local startup in 2006, was an experimental consolidated search engine that allows users to search across multiple services (e.g., Google, eBay, Craigslist) in specific categories (e.g., Shopping, Jobs). This site is still online, but no longer maintained, so functionality is dodgy. It is noteworthy for the fancy stuff we were doing way back in 2006, before it was cool.

  • Used shiny newfangled “AJAX” methodology.
  • Users can save their search results and be informed when new results appear.
  • Sports a highly interactive interface, with sliding menus, a rotating sidebar, and fade effects.

Wedding Invitation [Visit Site]

When I was recently scheduled to be married, I created this website to provide details for invitees. Unless you happen to be in possession of red/blue 3D glasses, you will not enjoy the full experience. The 3D effect is extremely nifty. Our mailed paper invitations were also 3D, included a pair of red/blue 3D glasses, and contained a link to this site for more details and RSVP.

Note that as you scroll down you enter the animated atmosphere of Mars. Also, the stars at the beginning have a slight parallax effect. I still have some spare 3D glasses, so I can snailmail you a pair upon request.

Drake Equation Interactive [Visit Site]

A Javascript-based interactive for experimenting with inputs for the Drake Equation.

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